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Welcome to Cookbook Club 101! 101 because it’s BACK to BASICS… and ALL things COOKING!  I will be bringing you cookbook RECIPES of all persuasions, and cook BOOKS too!  We will be reviewing FOOD, BOOKS, Food Magazine and MORE!  I hope that YOU join in!  So pull up a comfy chair, or tuck your notebook in your lap, grab a cup of coffee and COME VISIT awhile!  I look forward to making friends with YOU within this Cookbook Club!

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Binder-Clip Beer Stacking Fuss


We’re heading into the weekend… and here at MaggieB’s Cookbook Club we just have to have fun once in a while!

Here’s a kitchen application that ANYONE can use! It’s getting self proclaimed geek, Matthew Petty some fame on Flickr, and our friends over at Lifehacker brought it to us first!  Thanks and have a GREAT weekend guys!

“Having a tough time keeping beer or other beverages stacked neatly in your refrigerator but confined to a space you prefer? Worry not—it’s binder clips to the rescue.

I confessed my unnatural human-object love for the binder clip earlier this week, and in the comments of said post, reader muteboy pointed out yet another brilliant use-case I’d never seen: the binder-clip-as-beer-stacker. The trick will work with anything that rolls around in your fridge, naturally. Just clip you binder to the shelf where you want the stacking to stop and voila. The picture says it all.”


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Cookbook Club Gazpacho Recipe

Fresh picked veggies make gazpacho taste like a million bucks!Yesterday we discussed a great curried stew to use up all those veggies ripening in our gardens.

Today we use some of the same vegetables to make a cold dish…. GAZPACHO! Gazpacho is a wonderful cold soup that is wonderful by itself, with a salad or as the opening course to a summer dinner.

Use whatever veggies are coming your way to make a dish that evolves as you, and your garden do!

Stay tuned to page 2 (Read More) for my Gazpacho Recipe and even MORE cold soups for your perusal…. ENJOY!  

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Cookbook Club Curried Veggie Stew Recipe

With summer harvests veggie stew is a delicious side dish.Have all sorts of vegetables ripening in your garden? You NEIGHBOR’S garden? If you are like me you love the produce but it comes so fast its sometimes hard to know what to make next!

This wonderful recipe was given to me last summer by Jenny, daughter of a good friend, who also supplied all the tomatoes I put in my batch I cooked up just yesterday.

I am going to give you the recipe as she gave it to me but realize that its vegetables, and stew, so tweaking it is not only acceptable, its somehow mandatory! Use the vegetables you have ripening now! Don’t have fresh tomatoes yet in the northern part of the States? Used diced out of a can… adapt and enjoy!  

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Cookbook Club Vinegar & Salt Fries

This cookbook club cook will be trying these out!

If you like vinegar and salt potato chips like this cookbook club cook does this recipe is one you just need to try!

Heidi Swanson of 101 Cookbooks always has great ideas to try! This one is a variation of a Martha Stewart Magazine recipe from June 2009. Be sure to check out Heidi’s blog, AND her yummy potato recipe today!

Simmering the potatoes in vinegar imparts a tang not unlike that imparted by salt-and-vinegar potato chips. Grilling  gives the potatoes a nice charred flavor.

Click on cookbook club’s READ MORE for my variation of the recipe, and other recipes like this one.

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Cookbook Club Chilled Grilled Corn and Watermelon Salad

Cookbook Club loves the idea of such a crunchy salad!Paula Deen is featuring a wonderful summer salad that will be a GREAT sidedish for the 4th of July weekend that is absolutely delicious!  Be sure to stop by Paula’s site to see it and many MORE recipes!

It’s a  fast and easy summer salad to use your leftover grilled corn and watermelon.

Servings: 4
Prep Time: 15 min
Difficulty: Easy


4 cups watermelon, seeded and diced
3 ears Sweet Corn, grilled and kernels cut off the cob
1 Tablespoons Rice Wine Vinegar
2 Tablespoons cilantro, finely chopped
salt and pepper to taste


In a medium mixing bowl, gently toss all ingredients.  Serve chilled.

Want even MORE ways to use all that wonderful summertime melon?

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Sangria Iced Tea

Sangria Tea is a GREAT non-alcoholic version of the wine laced favorite!My wonderful friend, and neighbor, Linda and I set out last week to go shopping in Williamsburg, VA. It was a great day trip, and lunch in the tea room at a Williamsburg antique mall was a wonderful diversion in the middle of the day!  One thing they served us that we both loved was called Sangria Tea.  I just had to come home and find a good recipe to duplicate it at home.  I am sharing one variation here and pointing you in the direction of others!

It is a wonderful non-alcoholic variation of the wine version that is sure to be refreshing.  Sip it on your patio or deck, around the pool, or on a picnic on the lake or river of your choice…and of course adding a bit of wine to the mix is okay too!

No matter which variation you decide upon… ENJOY sipping it this summer season!

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Cookbook Club Cream Lemon Vinaigrette Recipe

cookbook club shrimp saladSome cookbook club cooks may think difficult means better… but sometimes that just means plain old hard.  In this heat sometimes less is more.  People eat lighter, and recipes can reflect just that.

Want to make a simple salad tonight that is easy to make and you will love?  Heck, it even looks pretty on the plate!  Try a grilled shrimp salad with lemon vinaigrette. It can be the salad or you could make it into your whole meal!

“Page 2″ has my creamy lemon vinaigrette recipe, PLUS MORE!  

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Cookbook Club Pizza Recipes

Cookbook Club Italian PizzaWell, as always, Jamie Oliver has done it again!

I was skeptical when we first traveled to Italy… I thought, oh sure they are going to have some horrible version of what we think of pizza…

BUT I was pleasantly SURPRISED!  We ate pizza on the Ponte Vecchio (old bridge), built in 1345, in Florence… or Firenze as it is called in Italy (I still cannot understand why we insist on calling it Florence) … in the piazzas, on the Spanish Steps in Rome… and in, of course Figline Valdarno, located in the countryside of Tuscany, where we love to stay at CasaNuova, a 350 year old monastery turned working vineyard!  I would be there in a heartbeat tomorrow if I could!  Awww… to sit on the veranda, sipping wine, eating… oh but I digress.

Jamie calles this yummy concoction pizza with spicy salami, courgette, basil, tomato and mozzarella. Don’t let him fool you… courgette is ZUCCHINI!  HERE is something to do once all that zucchini starts coming in your garden!  So start picking those herbs, tomatoes & zucchini and make Jamie’s pizza TODAY!  

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Cookbook Club goes GREEK!

The annual Greek Festival is being held in Richmond, VA this weekend!  This cookbook club cook is drooling already!

Do you like Greek food but never remember what dish is which?  To the uninitiated, or un-Greek amongst us, well its all just … GREEK!  LOL!

Well they published a GREEK CULINARY GUIDE that answers ALL those questions and I am sharing it with YOU!  Now I KNOW which is which and so can YOU!


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